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SUBS is a Utility billing and management system for electricity and water companies. SUBS was developed on a 4GL Relational Database, Client Server platform and is suitable for small or large organisations.

The system is centered around a services table, that allows various charges to be defined for products. These services can have range amounts specified, to allow variable rates for flexiable charging rates depending upon usage. The services can be categorised into groups and sub-groups and services changes can be defined by rate or set value. This structure allows different regions to be specified with different service charge structures.
The module has automatic processes for the generation of dis-connections, re-connections and new installation jobs. These are linked to a job costing module that allows for large and small projects to be monitored, analysed and billed.

The system has a sophisticated method of calculating billings and allows for estimate reading that can be converted into actual readings when the meters are finally read. Meter reading forms are generated by the system, along with notes on site warnings etc.

In addition to the head office processing system, the package has the option to integrate with a branch database. Data from head office can be downloaded to this database, allowing processing to continue should line links to head office be out of action. The system also allow high speed on-line links from remote sites, via the Internet, should this option be preferred. All data captured in the remote database is on sent and captured via transmitted files to head office and automatically updates the head office database.

The system has integrated modules for : Debtors, Billing Processing, Invoicing, Sales Analysis, Job Costing, Services Charges, Purchase Ordering, Stock Control, General ledger, Fixed Assets, Creditors and Payroll.


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